Soup Menu

Mixed Okro and Assorted Meat: $14.99

Efo Riro(Steamed Spinach and Assorted Meat): $14.99

Egusi(Melon Seed with Spinach and Assorted): $14.99

Mild Sauce: $4.99

Hot Sauce: $4.99

Palava Sauce (Cassava Leaf, Dry Fish and Assorted Meat): $14.99

Ewedu Leaf (Jute Leaf with Assorted Meat): $14.99

Atasisa(Local White Rice Stew): $14.99

Edikaikong(Spinach, Kale and Assorted Meat): $14.99

All Soup Meals are served with any of the following:

Amala (Yam/Cassava Flour)

Banku (Corn & Cassava)

Fufu (Cassava Flour)

Boiled Yam

White Rice

Fried Plantain

Eba (Granulated Cassava)

Pounded Yam(Yam Flour)

Corn Meal